7 Types of Luxury Home Improvements

7 Types of Luxury Home Improvements

Luxury homes, by definition, are already elegant properties where you can enjoy the finer things in life. All of the Irvine homes for sale are quality estates that come with some of the best modern features you can find, but the particulars will depend on the personal tastes of the current owners. In order to make your luxury home truly feel like yours, you can make a variety of home improvements to take your property to the next level and create a space that you will never want to leave. Below is a list of ways to elevate your quality of living and give your home that much more value.

1. Lush landscaping

Your yard is the first thing people see when they come to your home, so it’s important to invest in stunning landscaping. Feel free to try something new and create a unique design with the help of your landscaper, or consider installing an elegant water feature. You could create your own secret garden in the backyard or perhaps design a hedge maze. There are many upgrades you could do to create an outdoor space that stands out and increases your home’s value at the same time.

2. An outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen and entertainment space is the perfect home improvement for those who enjoy hosting. Install a pizza oven, fire pit, and bar for the ultimate outdoor experience where all your friends and neighbors will want to spend their time. Enjoying the outdoors is an excellent way to relax after a long day, and where else could you find a better location than your own backyard? This is a project that your landscaper could also help with to create a stunning layout that will take your breath away.

3. A wine cellar

Nothing improves Irvine real estate quite like a fully stocked wine cellar. It will impress your guests, increase your home value, and create another space in your home that emulates luxury. You could design it to be a modern, sleek space with glass walls and black accents or keep it classic with dark wood and rough stone. No matter what your specific design preferences may be, adding a wine room can prove to be one of the easiest ways to improve the look and feel of your space. Depending on the size of the space you are working with, you could also have it be a tasting room where you and your guests can gather and experience the rich layers of the finest wines.

4. Add a state-of-the-art fitness center

Why leave your home for exercise when you could install a state-of-the-art fitness center directly on your property? Home gyms are some of the most desired amenities for luxury homes and greatly add to your quality of living. Having a fitness center in your home allows you the freedom to work out whenever you want without being limited by the schedules of nearby gyms. Not to mention, you never have to worry if the machines you want to use are occupied, and you can be confident that the equipment is properly cleaned.

5. Install a home theater

Another highly desirable home improvement for luxury homes is installing a home theater. With the right speakers and screen, you could create a space that blows movie theaters out of the water. Install plush reclining chairs, soundproof the room, and darken any windows, and you will be all set to enjoy the latest blockbuster film. To have the ultimate home theater, you could even install your own concession stand, complete with a popcorn machine, soda fountain, and display case for your favorite movie-watching treats. This will not only provide you with hours of entertainment but will give you yet another space to invite guests to relax in.

6. Heated flooring in the bathrooms

Once you experience heated bathroom floors, you won’t want to go back. Never again will you have to experience freezing tiles in the early morning that shock your senses, and instead will be standing in comfort. It may seem like a small improvement in the grand scheme of things, but it will absolutely make a difference in the way you enjoy your home. Installation is a breeze, and nearly all systems come with timers and thermostats, so you can customize the heating to your specific tastes.

7. All new furniture

Improving your home does not have to mean renovations or construction. Hiring an interior designer to create a custom home aesthetic for you can completely change the look of your space without the stress of construction. Depending on what you are specifically looking for, you could instruct your designer to incorporate some key pieces of furniture that you already own, work with them to pick out all new furniture or leave the choice in their hands.

Interior designers are able to transform your space in ways that you may have never imagined and will listen closely to your requests and create looks that will take your break away. It is about more than just picking out the right furniture – they know how to expertly place each piece within a room to allow for the perfect flow of energy. Additionally, you could ask them to incorporate some fine art to further add to the luxurious nature of your home as well as its intrinsic value.

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