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At Stephanie Young Group, we are proud to support the American Red Cross in hosting blood drives every year and become a part of a lifesaving mission, giving us all an opportunity to make a difference. The enormity of what they accomplishes every day is astounding and this is one of the reasons we chose them as one of our core community outreach partners.

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Red Cross Bus at the Stephanie Young Group Annual Blood Drive

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The journey of a pint of lifesaving blood begins with you.

Blood products collected at our drive have now delivered to patients in need of vital care! 
Distribution included, but was not limited to, the following local hospitals:

Each local drive is an integral piece of a puzzle to secure a healthy, readily available blood supply in our community and for every American in need. When collections exceed need for patients in local communities, The American Red Cross are able to expand distribution to areas with low supply due to weather, seasonal illness, and other challenges. Ensuring they don’t waste a single drop of blood is their way of honoring our selfless effort and that of every generous donor. 

We had 55 donors and was able to collect 46 pints of blood. That is remarkable! Mahalo from the bottom of our beating hearts for your selfless gift!! Looking forward to our next one! We truly appreciate your donation, each and every one of you have played a very important role in our mission to save lives. Mahalo to our wonderful team & CMI Inc. PR for helping us spread the word!

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